MARPOL 2020 sulphur cap

How the S.I.T CD92 systems can support owners to implement new regulation by minimizing of costs and risks.

Since it became known that from January 2020 on a new reguleation will come in force which has the aim to reduce the sulphur emissions, experts evrywhere in the world are discussing about the rise of costs and risks.

In order to fulfill the new regulation the owner can decide between installation of expensive Srcubber system or the use of compliant fuel with sulphur content of maximum 0,5%.

The compliant fuel will be a blend of Distillate and residual Fuel (HFO). The experts are now warning to the risks by using compliant Fuel, because it is a blended products and blended products are incompatible and cause instability of the Fuel. This instability will cause different problems which will increase the operation costs due to increased sludge generation, Filter clogging, Engine components demages etc.

THe S.I.T CD92 unit is for many Years already known and accepted as only way to cope with the Incompatibility problems.

MAN says:" Homogenising means to cope with the more and more frequently occuring Incompatibilty problems, which are not really safeguarded against in any fuel Specification" 

Shell says: "The mechanism of the blending process itself is equally important. The components must be completely homogenized, and this is extremely difficult to achieve without a suitable efficient belending equipment."

This is what the CD92 unit was designed for.

S.I.T has created a Techncial Paper in which we explain the backgrounds of this new Regulation and how the CD92 systems can help the owners to implement the regulation but to keep the costs for Scrubber installation or at using compliant fuel low and to minimise the risks caused by incompatible fuel if treated by S.I.T CD92 units.

Please conatct us and ask for sending this Technical Paper, we would be glad to show how the costs and risks of Scrubber installation or incompatible fuel can be significantly reduced.


Heino Stache, MD S.I.T GmbH


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