Extension of Lloyds Register Type Approval

We are glad to inform you that we have received the extension of our LR Type which will now not expire before 2017.

S.I.T has asked Lloyds Register 10 Years ago to issue a Type Approval. The reason was to finally independently confirm the efficiency and function of our CD92 Systems. After 18 months of investigation and testing of our systems LR has issued the TA and confirmed that our systems i.e. reduce the sludge generation up to 85%, generate Diesel and Water into a longlasting Emulsion. All experiences made by LR were later on described in a Technical Paper in which LR explains the background of homogenisation and the benefits. If you`d like to receive this Techncial Paper, please send us an e-mail and we will immediately send to you.

By this Type Approval, also the quality of design and material of our products are confirmed.

Additonally we want to emphasize that such TA is available for S.I.T CD92 only and all the described functions and efficiencies are not applicable to other devices.


Heino Stache, Technical Manager 

Extension of TA until 2017

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