S.I.T wins order to deliver 30 x CD92SR systems

The Sludge Reduction System

S.I.T herewith informs that they have received last week a firm order to deliver 30 x CD92SR systems.

A longtime satisfied customer confirmed that they`ve significantly reduced the by purifier daily generated sludge amounts by 85% and as consequence also reduced the costs for wasted HFO and for disposal of oil-sludge, on their ships equipped with CD92 SR systems. Based on the excellent results and observed benefits, they decided to install the S.I.T CD92 SR systems on another 30 ships.

By customer confirmed benefits are:

  • - Significant Fuel costs reduction
  • - Decrease of Waste oil disposal costs
  • - Improved filtration efficiency
  • - Reduced purifier maintenance and spare parts demand
  • - Acceptance as “Low Sludge Generator“ during MARPOL Control


Heino Stache, General Manager

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